• Waxing, plucking, threading, or any epilation method that pulls out the entire hair shaft must be avoided at all times and at least 3 weeks before, during, and after any laser hair removal treatments.
• Avoid any direct sun exposure to the area of skin that you will be treating for 2 weeks.
• Avoid tanning beds, self tanning creams, and spray tans. For daily activities, wear sunscreen SPF30+ or greater.
• We cannot treat anyone with a sunburn or fresh tan.
• We recommend that you do not use retinoids, such as Retin-A, tretinoin, retinol, retinaldehyde, or adapalene 2 weeks prior to treatment. You may resume the use of retinoids two weeks after your laser treatment unless your skin is irritated from the
laser. In that case, we recommend waiting until your skin returns to normal following laser treatment.
24 hours prior to your appointment:

• Shave the area to be treated. Results are optimal when the treatment area was shaved 24hrs before the
appointment. We can do a little touch up but shaving large areas is best done in the comfort of your home.
• Do not expose the skin to any elevated temperatures from hot tubs or saunas.
• If you have a history of perioral herpes simplex virus (cold sores) and you are going to be doing a laser treatment near your
mouth, you should take a prophylactic antiviral therapy mediation - Start taking the medication by mouth 1 day before your laser
appointment and 6 days after your treatment to reduce the chance of a breakout.
• The same recommendation applies to genital herpes simplex virus.
The day of your appointment:
• Do not wear make-up or deodorant on the area to be treated.
• If you use any topical anesthetic agent, it is important to inform your Laser Technician.
• Patients undergoing bikini line hair removal should wear a narrow-cut Panty or swim suit.
• Avoid tight, dark colored clothing (tights, jeans, etc). Wear loose clothing and if the area we are treating requires disrobing, you
will be given a gown. In general, most patients are able to keep some or all of their clothes on during the procedure.

Ensuring the efficiency of our scheduling system is crucial for maintaining the quality of care we provide to our clients. When you reserve an appointment slot, it represents a significant commitment on our end as a medical institution. Therefore, it’s imperative that you honor your appointment. Please note that a $15 flat fee will be applied to your account in the following circumstances: if you no-show for your appointment, if you cancel after the 24-hour window before your appointment, or if you arrive more than 5 minutes late to your appointment. Failure to meet these guidelines will result in Semper Laser marking the appointment as fulfilled in the treatment schedule, accompanied by the fee added to your account. Payment of this fee will be necessary before scheduling any future appointments. We appreciate your understanding as we strive to take the best care of you.

Avoid the sun for at least 2 weeks and after that, use sunblock with SPF30 or greater with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.
Immediately following treatment
• The treated area will feel like a sunburn for a few hours following treatment
• There should be swelling of each hair follicle in the treatment area which will normally last up to 2 hours, and redness
in the treatment area for up to 2-3 days.
The first 24 hours after treatment:
• Make Up: It is best to wait to apply makeup until the morning after your treatment
• No Sun: Treatment site CANNOT HAVE SUN EXPOSURE or self-tanning lotion.
• No Hot Water: Do not submerge the treatment site in water, especially hot water, i.e. no swimming, bath tubs, hot tubs,
etc. • Rest: Avoid activity that makes you sweat or overheat.
• For Underarm Treatment: Do not wear antiperspirant or deodorant until the morning after treatment.
After the first 24 hours:
• Clean; When showering gently hand wash the treatment site with mild soap and lukewarm water, rinse thoroughly and pat dry.
• Sun: Continue to avoid any direct sun exposure to the treatment area for at least 2 weeks after treatment. After that 2-week
period, sunscreen SPF 30 or greater must be worn at all times.
• Shedding: Around two weeks following treatment the hairs on the treated area will begin to shed. During this phase, hair on
the treated area will appear to be growing, but what you are actually seeing are hairs that are disconnecting from your skin
because they are no longer connected to a root. Once the shedding phase is complete (around 3 weeks following treatment) you
will experience a hair free period that will last around a month.

Last Updated on 4/16/24